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Formed in 2004, IWC Media makes prestigious, popular and award-winning factual TV from its offices in Glasgow and London. The business is driven by a passion for great ideas, vivid storytelling, and working with the best teams and talent to deliver our vision to the screen. The company nurtures long-running returning brands that lie at the heart of broadcasters’ schedules, such as Channel 4’s Location, Location, Location, Susan Calman’s Grand Day Out for Channel 5 and BBC Scotland’s Scotland’s Home of The Year. We conjure inventive series for many broadcasters from BBC Four’s Lost Kingdoms of… to Channel 4’s Britain’s Most Historic Towns and Once Upon A True Crime for the Crime & Investigation Channel. And year on year we deliver bold, high profile, and critically acclaimed cultural documentaries – from Sky Arts’ Wordsworth and Coleridge Road Trip to Saturday Night Fever: The Ultimate Disco Movie on BBC Two. A commitment to originality, high quality and accessibility underlines everything we do.