Location, Location, Location


In 2018, one of C4’s longest running and most watched programmes, Location, Location, Location comes of age as it celebrates it's 21st series commission.  Since it began airing in 2000 there have been nearly 400 shows and around 600 househunters helped with their search for a home.  This year the property market is as challenging as ever but the show’s property gurus Kirstie Allsopp and Phil Spencer remain the perfect guides to help struggling buyers navigate the way to finding their dream home.  As house buying remains one of the most stressful things to do in life, Kirstie and Phil’s journey with each contributor is always full of ups and downs.  However with a 75% success rate in finding homes on the show, we more often end with tears of joy than sadness.  And, while viewers enjoy the emotional rollercoaster of real life house hunting they also get a good look at how far their money would go in different parts of the UK- as well as getting to nosy inside other people’s homes! 

Winner of BAFTA Scotland Award 2014 for Best Features/Factual Entertainment Programme

Channel 4