Secret Scotland with Susan Calman

Secret Scotland 2

In this series which aired on 8th Feb 2019 at 8pm on Channel 5, presenter Susan Calman will pull back the curtain on some of Scotland’s most iconic destinations. From Loch Ness to Edinburgh Castle and Rosslyn Chapel to Skara Brae, she will discover the untold tales and secret stories behind a host of world-famous locations.

With privileged access, Secret Scotland With Susan Calman will take an in-depth look at the history, characters and treasures hidden throughout the country. Viewers will be guided throughout by Calman as she adopts a hands-on approach to this adventure, taking tips from experts across a range of Scotland’s traditions, with everything from Highland Dancing in a medieval castle to Golf in its spiritual home of St. Andrews.

Along the way, she will be getting under the skin of world-famous castles, crags and cathedrals and meeting the dedicated people who bring these places and pastimes to life. Secret Scotland With Susan Calman promises an exclusive tour of some of our most treasured locations interlaced with new stories of forgotten characters and hidden treasures.

Channel 5